Randomly ended up working at the Guanajuato international film festival this weekend. Very cool, though I’m not sure how I ended up here (theme of my life this year)

A street in the breathtaking city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where I’ll be for the next 3 weeks.

Considering this rug from the market in San Miguel de Allende as a dorm room decoration for this fall

Flying into Léon, Mexico last week

Back at it!

I’m on my way to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico right now so I’ll be back on the blog for a few more weeks before I start school in August. I haven’t really decided what I’ll be doing on here after that.



Anonymous asked:

[I love your blog,amazing! (:]I was starting to look into what a gap year is and it seems really great. I really want to travel throughout my life, but I'm a high school student and have no money. Any tips on how to take a gap year when you're broke?


So this is actually a question that i feel like i should have addressed sooner. The first thing to say is that while i did have my parents financial support for this year, i paid for a larger part of it myself. last summer I worked 40 hours a week with like 2 weeks off and saved all the money i possibly could. my parents matched what i made and that was my budget. i think it’s quite reasonable to think that you could take a gap year on your own money, especially if you’re more frugal than i was. You might have to work longer, like work all fall and then travel after christmas or something, but you can definitely do it. also look into workaway.info or WWOOFING for opportunities that allow you to travel without having to pay for accomadation. let me know if i can help out any more!

Alone in an airport sometimes feels more like home than anywhere else

“Everything worth doing is both terrifying and wonderful”

Pros & Cons of Solo travel

Pro: You can do whatever you want without worrying about what anyone thinks.
Con: You have to decide for yourself what to do.

Pro: Eating whatever you want (Ex; I ate 3 croissants for breakfast one morning in Paris, which I never would have done if anyone had been around)
Con: No one to share dishes with. You get to try far fewer things when you’re traveling solo.

Pro: Reading at meals. This one might be specific to me, but I think sitting with a book at a restaurant is so luxurious.
Con: If you don’t have a book, it can be awkward to stare at a wall/other patrons for an hour.

Pro: People are more caring when you’re alone. Random citizens of whatever country you’re in tend to be more likely to offer help if you’re alone.
Con: Rapists, thugs and thieves (basically all the bad people mom warned you about) tend to notice solo travelers more as well.

Pro: Never having to wait for anyone.
Con: no one to watch your stuff while you go to the bathroom! You always have to carry it with you.